Tony Sellmeyer

Anthony Sellmeyer has done 48 Robben Island crossing since he started open water swimming in 1988 and is hoping to achieve his 50th sometime this year. He got into open water swimming after running many marathons, 7 Two Ocean runs and 14 Argus Cycle Tours, but his hip had packed up and he had a hip replacement so was limited to swimming.

Tony has been a committee member on the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association for more than 20 years and has encouraged many swimmers to get into open water swimming and to swim Robben Island, Simonstown to Muizenberg and Cape Point and various other swims recognised by CLDSA.

Tony has also been instrumental in keeping the records up to date and have done extensive research into long distance swimming in South Africa to produce a book every so often to keep the record of swims and swimmers up to date.


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