Fast Facts

Cape Point is the southern-most point of the Cape Peninsula and the de facto meeting place for the cold Atlantic and warm Indian oceans. Treacherous seas, rocky cliffs with few landing opportunities, and sharks make this a formidable swim.
Distance and route: +- 8km swim from Diaz Beach to Buffels Bay
Temperature:  Unpredictable.  Usually very cold (10 – 13 degrees) at Diaz Beach, warming up around the point.
* The first successful swim around Cape Point was in 1979 by the world-renowned American swimmer Lynne Cox in just under 3 hours.
* The male record of 2:02:00 is shared by Ned Denison (UK) and Anthony Pearse (RSA)
* The female record of 2:20:00 is held by Carina Bruwer (RSA)
* The swim is classified by the CLDSA as an “Expert Level swim” and is recommended for experienced open water swimmers only.

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