Colin Gluch

Colin Gluch (or Snake van Wyk as he answers to best) is an engineer running a factory that manufactures machine parts used in the plastic, rubber and explosive industries, and lists Law or Literature as alternate career paths for next time round on this rock called earth!

As much as he loves snow skiing, he is now a regular extreme open water swimmer, having recently discovered the mesmerising nature of the open ocean. It was either that or stand-up comedy, but he chose the easier option!

For him, extreme open water swimming is the sport’s equivalent of going for a hike in the mountains and immersing yourself in nature.

Having recently swum from Clifton to Oceana to round off his first year and fifth extreme swim, Colin is looking forward to once again trading the inland bustle for the natural Cape beauty of Cape Point for a day! Besides two Robben Island to Big Bay crossings and the 2014 Swim for Hope around Cape Point, Colin has completed a Robben Island to Big Bay double crossing.

His two precious kids remain so impressed and inspired by his open water escapades that he wishes to continue instilling in them a sense of adventure, drive and passion.

Colin 2

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