Fly RIIn May 2014, Jeffreys Bay swimmer Brenton Williams will attempt the 8km rounding of Cape Point – known as one of the most extreme open water challenges in the world – swimming butterfly stroke throughout, to raise funds and awareness for The Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

The route stretches from Diaz Beach on the western side of Cape Point with its notoriously turbulent waters, to Buffels Bay on the Eastern side, taking the swimmer through cold and rough seas known for its unpredictable currents, extreme waves and active sea life.  The swim will be done in accordance with international open water swimming rules which entail only a single swimsuit (no wetsuit), cap and goggles being worn, and that a swimmer has to start and end on land without ever making physical contact with any members of the support crew or the boat.

One of only a few swimmers worldwide who swims long distance open water butterfly, Brenton has completed a number of unprecedented butterfly swims, including a 11 km Cape Town to Robben Island crossing, a 17km swim in Marina Martinique, the grueling Deep Blue Invitational swim in St Helena Bay and the Bell Buoy Challenge in Algoa Bay (PE).  Butterfly is regarded by many as the most difficult and “uncomfortable” swimming stroke, and the vast majority of open water swimmers swim freestyle only.

Flying for Little Fighters

Inspired by “Swim For Hope”, the recent group swim which raised over R110,000 for Little Fighters Cancer Trust, Brenton decided to dedicate his Cape Point butterfly rounding attempt to the same charity, which supports children with cancer and their families.  ”Kids who are fighting cancer need all the support we can give them and I will be dedicating all my future butterfly swims to raise funds for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, who assist the kids and their families,” said Brenton, who will be on standby for the Cape Point rounding from 10 May and will make an attempt as soon as conditions permit.

Cape St Francis rounding

As preparation for his Cape Point swim, Brenton will also attempt an unprecedented 8km rounding of Cape St Francis in the Eastern Cape on 26 April, together with local swimmer Kendal Wright (who will swim freestyle while Brenton swims butterfly).  If successful, it will be the first time in history that a successful Cape St Francis swim will be recorded, over and above the already notable feat of swimming butterfly.  The swimming duo will leave land through one of the deep water gulleys on the wild side of Cape St Francis point, before swimming around Cape St Francis to Shark Point – known for the swirling counter currents and swells that break against the headland.  From Shark Point, they will head towards the safety of Port St Francis, where they plan to walk ashore joining festivities of the Cape Nautical Capital Festival of which the swim forms part.  The Little Fighters team will be in Cape St Francis supporting Brenton, and the public is invited to follow the attempt and start donating towards Flying For Little Fighters!

Donations and sponsorship

Corporates as well as members of the public are encouraged to sponsor and donate, using the Flying for Little Fighters page on the “BackaBuddy” website (http://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/flying-for-little-fighters). Corporate sponsors can also contact Little Fighters Cancer Trust directly on 073 729 6155 or mandie@littlefighters.org.za for organizational information such as taxation and BEE benefits, as the organization is a registered NPO with PBO status.

All moneys raised will go towards the Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s BAG OF HOPE Project. A bag of hope provides essentials for both the Child with Cancer and his/her mother or bedside care-giver, with items such as toiletries, pajamas, non-perishable food, educational toys, blankets and sanitary products, making a challenging and prolonged hospital stay just a bit more comfortable. LFCT is operational in 14 main pediatric oncology treatment centers throughout South Africa, including the Western Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State. 


Brenton Williams:  www.swimmingplus.com
Swim For Hope: www.swimforhope.co.za
Little Fighters Cancer Trust: www.littlefighters.org.za


Brenton Williams   https://www.facebook.com/jeffreysbay
Little Fighters Cancer Trust: http:/www.facebook.com/Little.Fighters  /  www.twitter.com/LFCancerTrust
Swim for Hope:  www.facebook.com/lfctswimforhope   /   www.twitter.com/lfctswimforhope

CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC will be administered on:



For media information, photos and interview requests please contact:
Mandie Erasmus
Project Manager, Little Fighters Cancer Trust
Phone:  +27 73 729 6155|  Email: mandie@littlefighters.org.za |


 N O T E S   T O   T H E   E D I T O R

  1. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust supports children diagnosed with cancer and their families, by offering wide variety of individualized assistance, including, but not restricted to, provision of food and groceries, transport, clothing, furnishings, bedding, medication, medical equipment and 24 hour emotional support.
  2. Parents of diagnosed children often lose or leave their jobs to be able to provide the special care and support required, which, together with the huge emotional strain of having a terminally sick child, often disables the family financially and emotionally. Little Fighters steps in to help create a support system in order for the children and their families to maintain their dignity, and with it, provide hope.
  3. Promoting and advocating Childhood Cancer Awareness is another of Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s priorities. Childhood Cancer is responsible for more child deaths than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. (South African Tumor Registry, 2011) Less than one third of actual childhood cancer cases are recorded in South Africa. Many children are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all due to a lack of awareness concerning the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer. An increase in Awareness, also among medical staff, will lead to earlier diagnosis of childhood cancer cases, resulting in a higher percentage of survivors.
  4. One of the organization’s most tangible projects is “Bag of Hope”, through which they distribute bags filled with essential provisions to cancer children and their mothers at hospitals in the main Pediatric Oncology treatment centers in the Western Cape and Gauteng.  Each bag costs R650, and should Swim For Hope reach its goal of R100,000, LFCT would be able to support pediatric 3 hospital wards with Bags of Hope for the cancer child and his / her mother.  Bags are individualized according to the needs of the specific little patient.

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